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Temperature Screening Camera

Highly Accurate Thermographic Cameras are known for their high efficiency and their ability to increase safety. These cameras take one second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person and allow non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact. Install the thermal camera in a windless indoor environment with stable ambient temperature for best operation. 

Here are the benefits when using Hikvision's cameras:

  • Advanced Algorithms: Achieve highly reliable accuracy with Hikvision’s proprietary temperature measurement algorithms.
  • Bi-Spectrum: provides both thermal and optical image channels apart from temperature measurement
  • Embedded Audio Alarm: Trigger alarms to notify operators immediately when an abnormal temperature is detected.
  • One-Stop Solution: Hikvision offers an extensive product portfolio including thermal cameras, NVRs, switches, etc.
  • Hikvision’s highly accurate temperature measurement thermal cameras can be used for temperature screening with accuracy up to ±0.9°Fahrenheit.
  • Black Body Device Increases Camera Accuracy from 0.9*F to 0.5*F (Upon Request)
  • Face Detection, 30 at a time.
  • Multiple camera choices for different measurement distances.
  • These cameras are able to measure an object’s temperature at high accuracy in real time.
  • Turret, bullet and handheld form factors.
  • Turret and bullets work with I-Series NVRs (requires firmware update).
  • All models are supported by iVMS-4200(PC).
  • Turret and bullets may be mounted to a building for long term use, or to a standard tripod for temporary use (with optional adapters). Handheld may also be mounted to a tripod.
  • Audible alerts for abnormal temperatures.